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App developer

€59 / month

  • Private limited company (OÜ)
  • Bank account & payment card
  • Accounting, taxes & compliance handled by LeapIN
  • LeapIN online self-service
  • +
  • Support for global app stores
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€79 / month

  • Private limited company (OÜ)
  • Bank account & payment card
  • Accounting, taxes & compliance handled by LeapIN
  • LeapIN online self-service
  • +
  • Advanced sales invoicing
  • VAT number

SaaS provider

€99 / month

  • Private limited company (OÜ)
  • Bank account & payment card
  • Accounting, taxes & compliance handled by LeapIN
  • LeapIN online self-service
  • +
  • Support for payment gateways & bulk invoicing
  • VAT number

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Using our services require that you apply for Estonian e-Residency.
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What our customers say

Tiago Martins


Entrepreneur, consultant

LeapIN's self-service portal is an easier way to manage your business, plus it provides a clear overview of expenses and sales.

Tiago is an experienced entrepreneur from Portugal who's been working as a software development consultant since leaving Codeplace in April 2017 - a company he founded with friends in 2014.

He discovered LeapIN while looking for an alternative to the setup for solopreneurs in Portugal. They made life difficult with high maintenance costs and unfriendly regulations.

"Anywhere I'm located, I can upload my expenses and create invoices easily. It's important that I can keep track of my company, rather than waiting for a monthly update (and sometimes shock!) from an accountant."

Read Tiago's story here.

Ignacio Nieto Carvajal



I don't want the headache of dealing with legal compliance, taxes and subsequent government interference. With LeapIN, I don't have to.

Ignacio began his career as a developer working for large companies and governmental departments in Madrid. He enjoyed it, but got tired of working in cubicles so he left his job to become a location independent freelancer.

He founded Digital Leaves, which helps others become awesome iOS developers, and he shares his ideas on entrepreneurships and the digital nomad lifestyle on his blog Micropreneur Life.

Read Ignacio's story here.

Luisfer Romero Calero



Web Developer with entrepreneurial mindset

Everything online? A digital card is enough for everything? An e-Resident can have an online business?

Luisfer is a skilled Spanish web developer from Germany who decided to make a shift from his full-time job to self-employment. After overcoming huge challenges in his life to become a freelancer, Luisfer still couldn't accept the heavy costs and hassle of German bureaucracy.

He shares his thoughts and initial hesitation, the extent of his research and his love for Estonia's digital society where he finally incorporated his business.

"I went to LeapIN headquarters where everything got done with a high level of efficiency and speed, while having a good time in between. I was welcomed by everyone in the team."

Read Luisfer's fascinating story.

John Ozbay

United States

Digital Nomad

Designer, Coder, Electronics Engineer, Musician

As LeapIN takes care of my company management I've now been able to become involved in multiple new projects.

"A boxed package like theirs - a step by step guide to dealing with company setup, administration, filing taxes and so on… took care of 95% of my company's management. All I have to do is from time to time sign some documents via my digital card reader as an e-Resident."

"Simply fantastic - I used LeapIN to guide me along the process and the guys were awesome. For example when I setup my company bank account, it only took 5 minutes!"

Read the story of John becoming an e-Resident and our beloved customer from our blog.

Dirk Singer

United Kingdom

Digital marketing professional

How could I keep my digital marketing business operating from within the EU if the worst (Brexit) happened?

Dirk is one of an increasing number of British professionals who are concerned about the impact of Brexit and are turning to e-Residency of Estonia - and LeapIN - so they can continue doing business inside the EU.

"Almost six months on I have a company registered in Estonia that is up and running, and that runs in parallel to my UK business."

"Having been through the whole process, for me it's a no brainer. It's simple. It's exceptionally cost-effective. It's the future."

Read more about Dirk's thoughts from Techfruit.

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