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addressApplying for a company

LeapIN will provide you with a legal business address needed for registering a company in the Estonian Commercial Register. A real street address with physical mailbox is located in a prestigious business area in Tallinn, Estonia and the incoming mail is processed, digitized and forwarded daily. You'll get important and time sensitive documents right into your inbox or via LeapIN self-service.

For proof of company address, you can use the Estonian Business Registry company fact sheet (PDF printout) or a LeapIN invoice.

  • Legal business address for company registration
  • Contact person for procedural documents
  • Postal mail digitization & forwarding
  • 30 days physical storage of mail & documents
  • Secure digital storage of documents

companySetting up the company

LeapIN has worked hard to make it as hassle-free as possible for you to get a fully operational legal entity registered in the Estonian Commercial Register. We focus on the most optimal business structure to fit your needs and minimize the administrative costs of running your company. Our consultants will guide you through the process of setting up the company. Depending on your business model and volume of sales transactions you are likely to need and benefit from VAT registration as well.

You can read more about the company setup process, representation requirements, travelling needs, business partners and supported areas of activity under our FAQ section here.

  • Company formation within 1 business day
  • Optimized structure for one-man company
  • Incorporation documents prepared
  • State fee payments via LeapIN
  • Postponed payment of share capital
  • VAT registration

bankGetting banked

To get banked, currently a face-to-face meeting on-site with an Estonian bank representative is required by law. Until the online verification process is launched, we are working together with our partnering banks to get your business initially approved for an account even before you take your trip to Estonia. When accepted for the bank account, you can enjoy the benefits of our highly ranked online & mobile banking solution, reasonable bank fees, access to global payments and state-backed guarantees on deposits.

Your company bank account application can be initiated after you have successfully registered your company. It takes ca 3-4 working days to receive acceptance from the bank. We will assist you in Tallinn to complete all the required procedures and you will need a minimum time of one bank visit (about 30 minutes) on-site.

  • Assistance in smooth on-boarding
  • Pre-travel acceptance process
  • Business bank account (multi-currency)
  • International payment card (MasterCard)
  • Secure online & mobile banking

revenueHandling revenues

We have spent a lot of effort to make it as intuitive and easy as possible to issue sales invoices to your customers, regardless of whether you are collecting one-time or recurring revenues, selling to your consumers (B2C) or corporate customers (B2B). Unlimited number of sales invoices will be allowed when following our fair usage policy.

To deliver our part, LeapIN will provide you with an online solution together with email support for sales invoicing, and execute all the accounting transactions seamlessly in the background. In addition, we will assist you with the complex functions of collecting and declaring value-added tax (VAT) by relying on the capabilities of the Estonian Tax Authorities and the Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS) facility by the EU.

  • Customizable manual sales invoicing

costRegistering expenses

As a happy customer of LeapIN, you don't need to know much about accounting, you just need to send your receipts and invoices to our support email or upload them to our online solution. Everything else will be taken care of. Unlimited number of cost documents will be allowed when following our fair usage policy.

  • Registration of purchase invoices and receipts
  • Automated processing of purchase invoices and receipts

revenueGetting salary and dividends

From the registration process of management board members in Estonian Tax and Customs Board register of the employees, to issuing salary and tax payment orders or paying dividends to your personal bank account – we have it all covered. More details about receiving funds can be found in our FAQ section.

  • Administration of board member payroll
  • Employment contract template
  • Dividend payments

complianceMeeting compliance requirements

As being one of the most sophisticated and time-consuming areas you would need to dig yourself through, we will take care of your monthly and annual reporting. We represent our customers in Estonian e-Tax Board, file external compliance reports to Statistic Bureau and Central Bank of Estonia, file annual reports to the Estonian Commercial Register etc - and typically a digital signature by the owner of the company is all the effort we need from you to meet these compliance requirements.

  • Monthly tax reporting in Estonia
  • Filing annual report
  • Registration with public authorities in Estonia
  • Reporting to public authorities in Estonia

supportEnjoying professional assistance

We do believe that our processes, online functionality and dedicated support team work seamlessly together in the background, so that you will only be bothered when something needs to be digitally approved or a receipt needs to be added. But in case you still need some extra advice, our professional consultants are happy to provide you with answers.

  • Online self-service for company administration
  • Notifications and reminders of tasks and duties
  • Helpdesk/customer support via email


What does it cost to setup a company?

Currently there is a state fee of €190 for registering a company in Estonia and a state service fee of €25 for company online registration in Estonian Business Registry, both paid in advance. Getting a bank account for your company in Estonia is free of charge (e.g. by LHV bank).

The fees mentioned above are subject to change in future.

Do I need to travel to setup a bank account?

Yes, currently you do need to travel to Estonia to set up a traditional business bank account for your company. It seems rather common among our customers to set up a company immediately, and plan a trip to Estonia for the bank procedures only in some weeks'/months' time.

To make sure your trip is worth the trouble, LeapIN can get you pre-acceptance for a business bank account before planning your travel to Tallinn.

In order to start remotely, we recommend you to setup a payment service provider bank account with Transferwise Borderless. Please check the Banking section from our FAQ for more details and alternative options.

Can I start any kind of business with LeapIN?

Currently we welcome individuals (one-man shows) who plan to operate as:

  • Professional service providers & freelancers (e.g. software developers, IT experts, business consultants, marketing gurus, designers, architects, translators etc);
  • Mobile app & game developers;
  • Packaged software & SaaS providers.

We constantly expand the range of business activities supported, so let us know which business you are in and we'll see whether we can assist you as well.

However, LeapIN does NOT support business activities which require a license in Estonia such as financial services, energetics, sale of alcohol, gambling etc. For the complete list, please check here.

Can I switch to another service provider?

We hope our customers use LeapIN services only because they value them, not because they are obliged to.

Thus, from our side we make sure there won't be a vendor lock and assist the ones who would like to leave LeapIN. For instance, it is relatively easy to replace the virtual office for your business entity. It is somewhat more complex to switch over to a new accounting service provider, but once there is a motivated need, we will help you to make it happen by providing all the past data and documents in a format which can be imported to a new system.

Currently we don't have it as a standard functionality yet, which means it might take some time, but we will keep our promise here.

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