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We believe starting and running your business should be simple. That's why we've created a seamless online service assisted by our dedicated support team. Here's how it works:

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Setting up a business remotely has never been easier

We guide you through company setup, help you get business banking, and deal with daily accounting, taxes and compliance. We offer you the ​benefits ​of being an EU business owner, without ever leaving your home country.

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Tell us about your business

Getting to know your business helps us to help you

We emphasize honesty and transparency. This means we'll ask you about your business plans and estimates for the future, your previous working experience and personal background.

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Become an e-resident

Access your business anytime, anywhere

e-Residency enables people from anywhere to sign up and bring their business into the EU. And your digital ID card will allow you to securely access your business whenever you need to.

LeapIN self-service
Set up your company

Start your business with less bureaucracy

Once your business is accepted by LeapIN, you'll have access to your onboarding dashboard, outlining all the steps from choosing a name to applying for banking, and we'll take care of establishing your company and making sure it's ​compliant​.

LeapIN self-service
Choose your bank

Integrated business banking options

LeapIN supports and integrates the best available banking and payment options for e-residents. We're happy to help our customers ​choose between them​.

LeapIN self-service
Manage your money

All the tools you need to do business

Our simple business dashboard makes extra accounting software unnecessary. It's where you invoice your customers, keep track of your finances in real-time, and upload expense documents. We'll match banking data to accounting documents, pre-filling payment orders, filing your monthly taxes and submitting your annual report.

LeapIN self-service
Leave it to the experts

Our dedicated team takes care of the hassle

As you're starting your business, our support team will be just an email away. Once you're up and running, our team of accountants take care of your finances and reporting. You'll always get a quick and high quality response.

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