Company in the EU

Company registration online

Gain customers and momentum by grasping new business opportunities in Europe and starting your cross-border business online with LeapIN.

  • A fully operational legal entity registered in the Estonian Commercial Register to carry out your European and international business.
  • A wizard-based online registration process covers all the details, from choosing the right name to making the initial equity down payment.
  • Company structure that fits your business needs: a limited liability company.
  • A physical company address and P.O. Box registered in Estonia.

Optimal business structure

LeapIN focuses on the most optimal business structure to fit your needs and optimize the setup process and cost efficiency of your company.

  • The most optimal structure for your business pre-selected and explained.
  • A limited liability type of company is fully responsible for its liabilities and debts, keeping your personal assets and business risks separated.
  • Company structure is flexible enough to adjust to your business needs in the future.
  • Compliance with Estonian and EU regulations guaranteed.
  • Owned and managed by one individual person. An excellent match for freelancers, remote workers, independent consultants, educators, etc. who sell their digital services internationally.

Remote administration

LeapIN delivers all the tools and services needed to access and remotely manage your cross-border business operations. What's more, we do it in a secure, cost-efficient, and hassle-free way.

  • Secure online access to company data (legal facts, accounting, banking, taxes, etc.), allowing you to operate the company from anywhere in the world without the need for a regular physical presence in Estonia.
  • Direct control of your transactions and assets using the EE digital identity card.
  • No middlemen, no remote board of directors, no hidden costs.
  • LeapIN guarantees compliance with local Estonian rules and regulations.
  • Easy and cost efficient to maintain

Bank account and payment card

Convenient account setup

Quick setup of an international bank account for cross-border transactions.

  • Convenient and cosy account setup process.
  • IBAN number as a standard way of sending and receiving payments within EU zone and internationally, in a cheap and simple manner.
  • Integrated bank and e-residency face-to-face approval process
  • Bank operations are powered by our partner bank

Access to global payments

Increase revenues by integrating your business with international payment providers.

  • Collect payments from a wider range of customers.
  • Increase your revenues through LeapIN by integrating your sales to Google Play, PayPal etc.

Secure online banking

Enjoy trusted online banking channels powered by our partner bank.

  • Secure access via mobile or web browser
  • Direct access to your company assets, payments and bank reports
  • User friendly online bank account management
  • Balance, invoices, transactions etc. integrated to LeapIN solution

Fully functional MasterCard

A fully functional MasterCard is issued by our partner bank to all LeapIN customers.

  • MasterCard for online payments, purchases, and drawing cash from ATMs when paying for company expenses
  • NB! No company credit limit initially provided

Money kept safe

Your money is deposited safely at our partner bank with the Estonian state-backed guarantee of 100 000 EUR on all deposits

Currency risk managed

Manage your banking and keep your assets in euros to minimize the possible currency risks.

Accounting and taxes

Fair and simple taxes

We assume you are honest and will pay your fair share of taxes in one of the simplest tax systems in the world.

  • Benefit from 0% corporate income tax as long as you keep your earned profit in the company or reinvest it in the growth of your business.
  • LeapIN will file your taxes and make sure your company is compliant with Estonian tax laws.
  • Once you take money out of your company by paying dividends, a 20% income tax rate applies.
  • If you take cash out of the company by paying yourself a salary, relevant taxes apply.
  • We provide you with a solution to pay dividends or salary to your individual bank account (powered by our partner bank)

Accounting made easy

LeapIN includes a hassle-free and seamless accounting solution allowing you to focus on running your business.

  • LeapIN will take care of your company's accounting and tax reporting
  • No need to have prior experience or knowledge of accounting practices
  • No need to invest in or rent a standalone accounting software
  • Easily issue and send customer invoices.
  • Monitor your income in real time
  • Capture and report expenses remotely
  • All the accounting and tax reporting functions run as seamless background services
  • Paper documents, mail, and invoices digitized and stored online
  • Should you still have questions or concerns our accounting professionals will help

All-in-one solution

End-to-end solution

LeapIN brings together the complete set of functionality and tools to run your business remotely from day one.

  • One central solution online, combined with our competencies and support, supported by relevant 3rd party service providers.
  • An accounting solution integrated and guarded by accounting professionals.
  • Core banking operations seamlessly integrated.
  • Tax reporting and company administration running as background processes.
  • Full compliance with Estonian and EU regulations.

Single point of contact

We operate as a single point of contact for everyday company management issues and solution-related questions.

  • LeapIN support covers all questions and issues concerning the 3rd party services integrated with our solution.
  • If it is beyond our reach, we will route the issue to the right address.
  • There is 24/7 support to assist you via email.
  • The dedicated staff behind our support and service development team will assist you with a high level of commitment.

Easy. No worries.

You don't need to be an accountant or a lawyer to run a company with us. LeapIN will take care of all the paperwork and annoying bureaucracy.

  • LeapIN is designed with the user in mind.
  • You are shielded from unnecessary complexity and processes run in the background.
  • LeapIN will only prompt you when your input is needed. Meanwhile, you can grow your business and trust us to handle the administrative hassle for you.
  • No need to navigate Estonian laws and regulations.
  • LeapIN will adjust to changes in the local legal environment in a timely manner to stay compliant.

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