Who can be a management board member?

Last updated: April 09, 2018

If you set up and run a company with LeapIN, a management board member has to meet the following requirements:

  • A natural person (according to Estonian law, no legal person can be a management board member)

  • An Estonian e-resident with a valid digital ID (in order to be able to make decisions and sign official documents remotely)

  • Not a politically exposed person

  • Credible and with a clean background (no business-related penalties, restrictions, issues across the world)

  • Nationality: no limitations

  • Current actual location: no limitations (except a short list of countries not supported currently)

If you do not run your company physically in Estonia, you need a local contact person to be assigned in Estonia who is authorised to receive procedural documents in the name of the company (as a 'messenger'), if the documents cannot be delivered directly to the management board members. LeapIN serves this function for your company by default.

Please note that all management board members of an Estonian company are listed in public records, available for anybody interested, so you cannot expect to keep them confidential.

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