Is e-Residency safe and how secure is my company in Estonia?

Last updated: March 28, 2018

e-Residency and having a company in Estonia is exceptionally safe. For a start, your company isn’t “in Estonia” in the traditional sense.

Estonia’s digital infrastructure is cloud-based so the entire country gets backed up every night in embassies around the world. Estonia is also creating ‘data embassies’ to expand this cloud of computers even further and ensure the digital infrastructure always runs smoothly.

As a country, Estonia has become a revered example of a digitised nation, with their ID-card infrastructure in particular a source of pride. And even recently when the security of ID-cards was questioned, they were quick to react, maintaining the security of their citizens, residents and e-residents.

Running a company with LeapIN is just as safe, as LeapIN fully complies with Estonian Tax Authorities and with Estonian anti-money-laundering policies.

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