Does LeapIN support a Holvi business current account?

Last updated: March 28, 2018

Yes, LeapIN supports Holvi business bank accounts.

Holvi has launched a business current account (IBAN) for e-Residents and offers remote business bank account opening. E-Residents can use their e-Residency card to log in & manage banking operations in Holvi.

Please note that:

  • Your Holvi business current account can be used for SEPA transfers within Europe, so it's suitable for LeapIN customers doing business in Europe and in euros.

  • To execute accounting and compliance, LeapIN needs access to your bank statements. Since Holvi has no API nor XML output, LeapIN can read bank statements from Holvi manually only.

  • According to their price list, Holvi charges fees from €9 per month for an e-Residents' business current account and related services.

  • Using a Holvi business current account requires you to take care of the accounting and compliance in Estonia or find a suitable service provider (like LeapIN) to do that for you.

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