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LeapIN is a turn-key solution to set up a location independent company with a bank account. We handle incorporation, accounting, taxes and compliance.

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Powered by Estonian e-Residency

Government-issued smart ID-card which provides digital identification and authentication.

Partnering with EU banks & payment service providers

Secure online banking with multi-currency support and state-backed guarantees on deposits.

Authorised by Estonian FIU

LeapIN has an operating licence no. FIU000142 for "Business and other management consultancy".

What our customers say★★★★★

"Maintaining a company in my home country can be very expensive and I need to hire an accountant and pay to lawyers regularly. I'd like to avoid these costs, so I plan to handle everything using an Estonian company remotely."

Christian Jantz (Germany)
IT consultant

"Obtaining e-Residency was fast and straightforward. LeapIN was great help and smoothened the process of registering the company and getting banked."

Eduardo Vilches (EU)
Software developer

"Getting from the airport to the bank, signing the paperwork that LeapIN and bank had prepared, and getting back at the airport took me 60 minutes! I was surprised by how fast things get done in Estonia!"

Luis Henrique (Brazil)
Web portal developer / Advertiser

"Your quick response and offer greatly influenced my positive decision to become your customer, because proper support is another key ingredient in sparking my enthusiasm for an Estonian based company."

David Barrie (United Kingdom)

Company in the EU

Easy setup and full administration. Online.
  • Company registration online
    Gain customers and momentum by grasping new business opportunities in Europe and starting your cross-border business online with LeapIN.
  • Optimal business structure
    LeapIN focuses on the most optimal business structure to fit your needs and optimize the setup process and cost efficiency of your company.
  • Remote administration
    LeapIN delivers all the tools and services needed to access and remotely manage your cross-border business operations. What's more, we do it in a secure, cost-efficient, and hassle-free way.

Bank account and payment card

Fast and innovative approval process. No queues.
  • Convenient account setup
    Quick setup of an international bank account for cross-border transactions.
  • Access to global payments
    Increase revenues by integrating your business with international payment providers.
  • Secure online banking
    Enjoy trusted online banking channels by our banking partners and payment service providers.
  • Fully functional MasterCard
    A fully functional MasterCard is issued by our banking partner to all LeapIN customers with a traditional business bank account.
  • Money kept safe
    Your money is deposited safely at our partner bank with the Estonian state-backed guarantee of 100 000 EUR on all deposits.
  • Currency risk managed
    Manage your banking and keep your assets in euros to minimize the possible currency risks.

Accounting and taxes

Complexity made simple. No paperwork.
  • Fair and simple taxes
    We assume you are honest and will pay your fair share of taxes in one of the simplest tax systems in the world.
  • Accounting made easy
    LeapIN includes a hassle-free and seamless accounting solution allowing you to focus on running your business.

All-in-one solution

One central solution to cover all your business needs.
  • End-to-end solution
    LeapIN brings together the complete set of functionality and tools to run your business remotely from day one.
  • Single point of contact
    We operate as a single point of contact for everyday company management issues and solution-related questions.
  • Easy. No worries.
    You don't need to be an accountant or a lawyer to run a company with us. LeapIN will take care of all the paperwork and annoying bureaucracy.

Getting started

It takes 4 simple steps to get your business running
  1. Sign up with LeapIN

    Complete our free sign up and we'll gently guide you through the whole process. LeapIN was designed keeping users in mind, so all the complexity is made simple, and annoying administrative tasks are solved in the background.
  2. Become an e-Resident

    Estonia has launched an awesome digital citizenship concept called e-Residency, open the world over. You apply online and once your application is approved, you will receive a smart ID-card which you can use to digitally identify yourself, authenticate a wide range of secure services, and sign documents and transactions. The official e-Residency site.
  3. Register a new EU company online

    The hardest part here is to decide on the name of your company. After that is done, a wizard will guide you through the simple setup process. The unofficial world record for setting up a company online is 18 min. You can beat that!
  4. Get a bank account and payment card

    In order to get a traditional bank account, you currently need to travel to Estonia for a face-to-face meeting and a background check. Remote online verification process will be rolled out in Q3 2017. Please check the Banking section from our FAQ for more details and alternative options.

That´s it. Done.
Lay back and enjoy the moment.

We will prompt you when an invoice is received or when taxes have to be filed. Ha, that was a joke! You don't have to file your taxes, as we do that for you. You just have to confirm the reports every now and then. Whenever you feel like checking up on your company's data, log in to our self-service.

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